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Mike Barker and Associates
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Mike Barker and Associates

Mike Barker Associates is a company of Consulting Electronics Engineers for the Built Environment, specializing in Building Management and Control Systems.

We are a professional practice focused on improving the profitability, comfort and safety of the built environment. We apply a Pragmatic Sustainability approach to buildings - our primary concern is helping our clients reduce fossil fuel use, but our designs also consider occupant health, the local and global environment, use by future generations, while still accepting the reality of financial constraints.  We are dedicated to the use of modern control system to enhance the behaviour of the built environment through energy management, security and productivity.

Our services include:
- Electronics systems for highly serviced buildings
- Life Safety and Building Management Systems
- Security Systems (CCTV, Access Control)
- Energy Management (Sustainable Buildings)
- Audio Visual Technologies (AV) for highly serviced buildings

It’s NOT about the technology, it’s about the people who need to use the technology- Mike Barker

With rising energy costs and a growing responsibility towards our environment, a new approach to designing, constructing and managing an efficient building is essential. Mike Barker Associates offer building simulation services ranging from daylighting and thermal analysis to smoke and fire modelling.

Mike Barker Associates helps you take the guess work out of designing and/or improving your building.

What is a Green Building? A common misconception is that a green building has to look radically different from other buildings, but in reality there needn't be any aesthetic differences at all. A green building is any building that makes efficient use of energy and water, with minimal negative impact on the environment (if not a positive one). This has to be true for the entire life cycle of the building, from the design and construction phase, right through operation and until long after the building is gone and forgotten. Finally, the top priority of any building is to keep its occupants comfortable and productive, and this is especially true for a green building.

How can we help you? Every building and its environment is unique and requires its own set of solutions. We will form an active part of your design process, helping you to quantify the impacts of design decisions and use those results to develop new and original ideas (if they are required). We understand that a building is more than just a roof over your head, and through careful evaluation and analysis will give you the freedom to explore concepts that would otherwise have been scrapped due to the uncertainty of their effect on the building's performance.

Mike Barker Associates are tracking the following developments...

Top Headline
Debunking the arguments opponents use to fight home fire sprinklers

Debunking the arguments opponents use to fight home fire sprinklers
Across the United States, sprinkler opponents are pushing state legislation that would restrict a community’s ability to make its own decision about model safety codes for new construction....

Total Building Sustainability Package:  Standard 189.1

Now Available! Developed by ASHRAE in conjunction with USGBC and IES, Standard 189.1-2009, Standard for the Design of High- Performance Green Buildings, provides a ‘total building sustainability package’ for those who strive for green buildings.

EnergyPlus Building Energy Simulation Software

EnergyPlus models heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating, and other energy flows as well as water in buildings. While originally based on the most popular features and capabilities of BLAST and DOE-2, EnergyPlus includes many innovative simulation capabilities...

U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy saving green buildings.  With a membership comprising 20,000 member companies and organizations, 78 local chapters and affiliates...


Download - Must Reads

Review of SANS204 :: by Mike Barker

Review of Sans204

An initiative that came out of the Department of Minerals & Energy’s 2005 Energy Efficiency Strategy that targeted a 15% Final Energy Demand reduction...
Prioritizing Green :: 'It's The Energy Stupid'

It's The Energy Stupid

Joseph W. Lstiburek - Never one to beat about the bush, Lstiburek calls it as he sees it.
Green Building Impact Report :: by Rob Watson

Green Building Impact Review

Green Building Report: Although this is about the US market, it gives some idea of where Green Buildings are going in the future.

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