Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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Let's assume then that not all we can learn from the past is relevant in our new world.

If we are to become as sustainable as the San people of old then we will need to start by looking at a document from the SANS people of the future !
SANS 204 - Energy efficiency in buildings

Part 1: General requirements

Part 2: Application of energy efficiency provisions in buildings with natural environmental control.

Part 3: Application of energy efficiency provisions in buildings with artificial environmental control.

A new set of building guidelines, and whole new way of think about building design !

Are you ready for SANS204 ?  You should be able to get the documents from the ever helpful Annalein Van Wyk of the South African Bureau Of Standards at

SANS 204 has closed for public comment, and its anyone's guess when it will become law. Some think, given the problems with ESKOM, that it could be as soon as mid 2009. What is SANS204 about?  In a nutshell:-

A buildings maximum energy demand and the maximum annual consumption will be less than a pre-determined value per square meter ( excluding storerooms and garages and measured in VA/m2 and kWh/m2.annum respectively ) which shall be decided according to the nature of the building ( hotel, office, hospital etc ) and the specific climatic zone (see of Climatic Zones.pdf )

All this applied to building over a certain size ( and the DME are looking at a certain value in their rulings )

Oh, and there's also a section on the required building envelope and fabric, and that where things get interesting. Think in terms of the European PassivHaus and it will give you some idea of where SANS 204 is going - lots of insulation. And  compulsory solar water heating. But very little said about daylighting, which is recognized internationally as the starting point for green building design. 
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