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U.S. Green Building Council
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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U.S. Green Building Council

usgbc_member_logo_blkThe U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy saving green buildings.  With a membership comprising 20,000 member companies and organizations, 78 local chapters and affiliates and more than 140,000 LEED Credentialed Professionals, the U.S. Green Building Council is the driving force of an industry that is projected to increase to $60 billion by 2010.

The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED green building certification system is the leading certification program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.
There are more than 31,000 commercial projects participating in the LEED green building certification system, comprising almost 7.5 billion square feet of construction space in all 50 states and 106 countries.

By using less energy, LEED certified buildings save money for families, business and taxpayers; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and contribute to a healthier environment for residents, workers and the larger community.  USGBC supports a rich education and research agenda, including Greenbuild - the largest international conference and expo focused on green building. The Council also supports an aggressive education and advocacy program delivered at the local level through 78 chapters and affiliates across the U.S.

Industry-led and consensus-driven, the Council is as diverse as the marketplace it serves. Membership includes building owners and end-users, real estate developers, facility managers, architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, product and building system manufacturers, government agencies, and nonprofits. Leaders from within each of these sectors participate in the development of the LEED certification system and the direction of the Council through volunteer service on USGBC’s open committees.

Chapter Program
USGBC Chapters provide local green building resources, education and leadership opportunities. Local chapter members can connect with green building experts in their area, develop local green building strategies and tour green building projects.

USGBC Educational Programs
USGBC Education provides the information and tools for training effective, qualified and competitive green building professionals who are implementing LEED projects or pursuing a LEED professional credential. USGBC Education helps build a solid foundation of LEED and green building knowledge by offering personalized lifelong learning pathways in a variety of formats, from instructor-led workshops, to online courses and live and on-demand Webinars.  USGBC is the primary source for LEED and green building education, both for building and design practitioners to learn more about implementing LEED into their projects and for aspiring LEED AP candidates. To learn more about USGBC Educational Programs visit

LEED Professional Credentialing Program
GBCI’s LEED professional credentialing program includes a multi-faceted credentialing system that ensures that LEED professionals have the latest knowledge and understanding of green building practices and to encourage professionals to maintain and advance their knowledge and expertise.
Under the new program, there are three tiers of excellence for a professional to pursue: LEED Green Associate; LEED AP with specialty; and LEED AP Fellow.  USGBC offers credential support such as exam prep resources, study guides and practice exams.  To learn more about the tiers and the professional credentialing program, visit

The USGBC’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo is the nation’s largest conference on high-performance building practices. The Greenbuild 2009 theme is “Main Street Green: Connect to the Conversation.” Learn about new products, innovative projects, the latest building research and more. Join thousands of building industry professionals for over 100 educational sessions, 800 exhibitors, international master speakers, practical workshops and green building tours in Phoenix November 11-13, 2009 for Greenbuild 2009. Visit

Guiding Principles
The Council is deeply rooted within six guiding principles that are incorporated into all aspects of the organization:
•    Promote the Triple Bottom Line: USGBC will pursue robust triple bottom line solutions that clarify and strengthen a healthy and dynamic balance between environmental, social and economic prosperity.
•    Establish Leadership: USGBC will take responsibility for both revolutionary and evolutionary leadership by championing societal models that achieve a more robust triple bottom line.
•    Reconcile Humanity with Nature: USGBC will endeavor to create and restore harmony between human activities and natural systems.
•    Maintain Integrity: USGBC will be guided by the precautionary principle in utilizing technical and scientific data to protect, preserve, and restore the health of the global environment, ecosystems and species.
•    Insure Inclusiveness: USGBC will insure inclusive, interdisciplinary, democratic decision-making with the objective of building understanding and shared commitments toward a greater common good.
•    Exhibit Transparency: USGBC shall strive for honesty, openness and transparency. - Tel: +27 11 4544 857 - Cell: 083 6277 673

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